Joel Tarbutton - April 11, 2021

Part 1 - How Can I Be Close to God? No More Sacred Places

How Can I Be Close To God? Does God love me because I keep the rules? Most people think they have to perform in certain ways for God to love them. But, what if there was another way? What if the old way of Sacred Places (temples, mosques, churches) where Special People (priests, gurus, Imams) required Specific Performances has been destroyed and a new way brought in? This series shows us the impact of Easter - a brand new way of living and loving. Today we look at how Jesus destroyed this model and there are no more Sacred Places.

From Series: "Aftershock - The Lasting Impact Of Easter"

What is the impact of Easter? Is it just a day in the religous calendar - or is it something much more? If Jesus was just another zealous religious teacher with a Messiah complex, then everything should have been over when he died. The movement should have stopped in its tracks. Why then did it continue? What change did Easter bring to the religious systems - The Sacred Places where Special People required Specific Performances?

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